Drums of War Released

After months of beta testing, Drums of War is now out of the woods! This strategy game set in a fantasy world with magic potions, spells and weird creatures, will grab your attention thanks to its tactical freedom. Indeed battlefields are completely interactive, and you will be able to use the environment to play nasty tricks and ambush their enemies. Almost every item on the map can be turned into a lethal weapon.

Drums of War features two campaigns that will see you step into the shoes of a hero-leader. You will be able to fight with the Orcs to gain supremacy over the kingdom of Crasleen, or join the Humans to help them survive against the attacks from other factions. The wide range of actions available will allow you to devise creative tactics in order to prevail against their diabolical opponents.

In Drums of War, only your imagination is the limit. Thanks to a comprehensive and user-friendly in-game editor, the community will be able to build and share new campaigns with original storylines and customized rewards. Also offering a hotseat multiplayer mode, players will challenge their friends and try to surprise them with unconventional maneuvers!

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Release transferring

Unfortunately, “Crasleen: Drums of War” can not be released in 1Q of 2013. Release transferring on 2Q of 2013 will add unit animation and fix some small bugs.

Most likely, the game will have a publisher. But I will not tell its name until the contract is signed.

We need your help

Due to we are Russians we have several problems with our game texts.
It is hard to read and it is fumbled.
It was proofreaded but nothing really changed.
So we need native English speakers who can make our texts sound better.
For your work you will get a free copy of “Crasleen: Drums of War”, our eternal appreciation and some money.
Write us if you are able to do that.
Regards, Vladimir

March 16: Text editing has been completed! Thank you.

Crasleen: Drums of War – Demo version

Good news! There is a demo version of turn-based tactical strategy game «Crasleen: Drums of War».
In the demo-version there are 4 missions for orc Tharshan and multiplayers (hotseat). The game supports English and Russian languages. Please, leave your comments on the forum of the official game site.

«Crasleen: Drums of War» got in the top-100 best indie-games of year 2012 according to site www.indiedb.com.



“Краслин: Барабаны войны” приближается к релизу..

Сайт постепенно оживает – обновлены разделы “Об игре” и “Медиа”.

Камрад Likantrop (автор большинства спецэффектов) написал отличную, очень информативную статью по игре “Краслин: Барабанам войны”:



Сайт находится в разработке…